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My mission was/is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses.    About the only thing I love more than friends, family and being around nature is the power of story. Every business starts with a story.

-Rachel Tamilio

My Story

Someone once told me, “Your problems can be your obstacles or your trampolines.” Words to live by!

My life experiences have taught me more than I care to know about set backs, perseverance despite all odds and how important the right support is in difficult times. I know what it is to stand in line for food stamps and endure the life-threatening disease of cancer and fallout of trauma and treatment. I’ve learned the hard way that:

  • There are no shortcuts to success,
  • life isn’t always fair
  • Well-meaning loved ones may be not know how to help at times.
  • Empathy is often more important than answers.

In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, my favorite storyteller, Brene Brown, encourages professionals with more than one career path to “embrace the slash.” I have many “slashes.” Here goes! I am a Web Developer/Writer/Life Coach/Consultant and since 2018 (when I began Creative By Design RT), I have been helping small business owners create, dream and grow. Each client has a different need and a different budget and I am happy to work with each one. How may I help you?

"If you work hard at what you do, great abundance will come to you..." Proverbs 14:23 Holy Scripture, The Passion Translation

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Published Writer

About the only thing I love more than friends, family and being around nature is the power of story. I have been writing for over 30 years. My writings have appeared in everything from magazines to devotional books. The writing itself isn’t what I love, so much as it is the power of story telling. I’ve always enjoyed taking facts and weaving them into a work of compelling art in the form of story. I have an email list that provides a weekly inspirational story or informative article each week. You may subscribe anytime!

About My Name and Logo

It’s my belief that our Creator made us all Creative By Design. Each one of us has value and is loved for who we are. I believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect. The cardinal in the center of my logo is a visual reminder that my mom, though no longer in this physical realm remains with me even still. There is a story behind why it is a cardinal I chose in the blog.

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