The Adventure of a Lifetime is Waiting.

I’m Rachel Tamilio. Most people would describe me as tough but gentle, perpetually curious and adventurous. I like a challenge and I’m forever learning. Fighting and surviving cancer was a pivotal point in my life where I decided I wanted to take a more proactive role in my life. At first my quest was all about health and wellness. I learned all I could and I started helping many others do the same.

Experience has taught me that when someone feels they have your undivided attention and is permitted to express their thoughts and feelings without judgment and criticism, dramatic transformations and insights follow. This “ah-ha” moment impacts the trajectory of their entire life!

I became a coach because I believe most people go through life feeling unheard, unseen and sometimes end up stuck in an endless thought loop about life. For some, this pattern leads to analysis paralysis, for others it’s a sense of resignation to “what is” – or overwhelm. Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves say what we’re thinking – without fear of judgement and have someone present, to hold us accountable to ourselves.

What I do as a coach is I hold that space so you can explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, decide what you want to create in your life and challenge you to do exactly that.

What will your ah-ha moment be? You won’t know until you decide to take that courageous step and start exploring. In thirty minutes or less, I can guarantee you’ll have at least one when we talk. Together, we can work on identifying the kind of trail you want to blaze, the road blocks you want to smash, the goals you want to crush -or the new horizons you’d like to explore. Ready?

Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves say what we’re thinking - without fear of judgement and have someone present, to hold us accountable to ourselves.


Blaze Your Trail Transformational Coaching is about 5 things.

  • 1. Concept

    The first part of the program is about self-awareness. Learn to identify your strengths and leverage them to get where you want to in life. Become aware of the areas that can trip you up and hinder you.

  • 2. Drafting

    Secondly, once you are aware of these strengths and potential hazards in you path, lean into who you are. Be unapologetically you!

  • 3. Processing

    Third, take the necessary action steps to get where you want to be. Consistent action results in long lasting growth and positions you for your desired outcome.

  • 4. Reach

    Next, you’ll find that when you’ve truly committed to leaning into who you are and working toward your desired state, your life will be more fulfilling and exciting. Some call this passion. Zeal is another great (and less used) word!

  • 5. Finished

    Lastly, the fifth part of the BLAZE program is all about embracing life in a new way!

Believe in You!

Break through the barriers that hold you back in your life path!

Lean into Your Unique Design!

Leverage your unique qualities and gifts.

Take Action!

Create an action plan that gets you on your way!

Transformational Coaching | Consulting

Transformational Coaching is for people that are ready to take action, take control, be the navigator of their life. 

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Someone once said to me: Your problems can be your obstacles or your trampolines. They can either hinder our progress or launch us into discovering our truest selves and overcoming despite the pain, setback, etc. The beauty of that truth is that we get to choose. I’ve had my share of obstacles and crises and learned a lot the hard way about life. I’m passionate about empowering people to live their most fulfilling and authentic life, set up for success and find joy in the process!

Rachel Tamilio

Transformational Coach

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