Change is inevitable. Growth is optional -John Maxwell

Life Coaching.

Reasons You May Need or Want Coaching


At 30 years old I heard the words no person ever wants to hear. “You have cancer. Those 3 words reshaped the way I thought and would ever again think about life and health. As I endured 6 grueling months of aggressive chemo and 20 days of radiotherapy my body, my mind and my spirit were pushed to the limit. By the grace of God and thanks to a lot of support from loved ones, I made it.

The Health/Life package is for you if you feel you want to make changes to your health and lifestyle and need the support of a coach to keep you motivated, address your self-talk that may sabotage your efforts, and point you toward resources that will benefit you. Don’t wait for a crisis. Take charge of your life/health now.


Maybe it started with a lemonade stand when you were 7 years young! Perhaps you started by selling candy out of your parents’ basement or garage when you were a kid. You’re not quite sure when or how but the entrepreneurship “bug” bit and it won’t let you go. When adulthood came your dreams and hopes went on the back burner or the shelf and you never did pick them up again. Nor have you been able to let them go. How do you make it work? Can you?

After all, you have bills to pay…

You don’t have to settle. You can do this! I’ll show you how!


Life is full of twists and turns. Some seem to take the oxygen from our lungs for a time. Life becomes enshrouded in a gray cloud or fog and we cannot see what we’re to do or where we’re to go. Things like job loss and grief can quickly sap our strength and cause us to question or doubt our place in the world.  In this world where we now live with COVID-19, we have all been compelled to re-evaluate life as we knew it and on every level. Perhaps the career is in doubt, there is a sense of having to minimize or downsize. Suddenly every moment seems more precious because we don’t know what the next one may bring. It can be overwhelming and frightening.

These moments, though devastating in the height of them, are crucial to pushing us to discover or rediscover how to repurpose those areas of great pain.

This package is ideal for you if you want the support and motivation from a coach to keep moving forward in your life despite the sudden and drastic changes. (Please note: Coaching is not therapy and is not a substitute for it.) 


What is your passion?

What do you lose time doing?

How do you feel when you engage in certain hobbies?

What makes you feel alive?

“Your heart is your biggest muscle. Do what it says.” This is a quote by Jen Sincero in her book, You Are a Badass at Making Money.” I couldn’t agree more.

I firmly believe that our creator hard wired and gifted us with a certain “tool box” that we are meant to use in this life. There are things you can do to contribute to this world that I cannot, and vice versa. 

This package is all about digging deep into those qualities, gifts and skills that make you – YOU! Imagine knowing that you would succeed at what you are setting out to do simply because you were designed to! How much more confidence would you feel about starting or continuing with what fires you up? 

It is often a health crisis or some other life altering event that gives us pause to think about our life and its purpose, meaning and direction. Experience (including my own health crisis) has taught me to be more intentional.

It’s why I went into Life Coaching: to help other people evaluate where they are, design what they’d like, and pursue what it takes to get there. Whether in your personal or professional life, coaching can help you get where you want to go. 

Design and embrace a life you love!​

As a Coach My Role is To:

  • Help you listen to your intuition.
  • Encourage you in your dreams,
  • Create space for you to realize what is authentic to you and who you are
  • And to help you develop strategies to grow those dreams and embrace the path that most resonates with you and your goals.

“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”

Debby Boone

Coaching Package #1


What is Included

Two 45 minute sessions for 3 months, plus 1 call or email checkin between sessions

Coaching Package #2


What is Included

Two 45 minute sessions for 6 months, plus 1 call or email checkin between sessions

Coaching Package #3

BEST Value!


What is Included

A whole year of coaching. Two 1 hour sessions every month for 12 months, plus 1 call or email checkin between sessions