What Is a Sitebuilder?

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Website Design for the Non-Coder

A sitebuilder (or page builder) is software that can help someone build their very own website without having to learn technical stuff like coding. If you do not want to take crash courses in coding, you need some kind of page builder.computer code on screen

There are a broad range of sitebuilders available on the market. Others relatively inexpensive and some cost a pretty penny.
Some are ideal for business websites, while others are better suited to hobbyists or small business owners who just want a web presence. In this post I want to share with you how I got my start with using a site builder and which one I use.

WordPress and Its Limits

When I began creating websites on WordPress, I quickly learned that for all its features, WordPress could get a little hairy. More and more I found there were times that unless I knew how to use CSS or some other alphabet soup of code, I was stuck. I did not want to spend hours on the phone troubleshooting, nor did I want to take coding courses (zzz). I’d rather watch paint dry or stick pins in my eyes! “There must be a better way,” I thought.

One day, I was watching a class on Skillshare (one invaluable resource!) and the instructor was talking about a “simple, WordPress plugin called Elementor.”

elementor icon script gradientEureka! A Solution

He demonstrated the ease of use and in no time, created a beautiful, mobile device friendly (responsive) website. I was hooked! I needed this. “How many hundreds of dollars is this,” I wondered. The best news was that it was free!

I went to the dashboard of one of my sites, downloaded and installed the sitebuilder, Elementor, and followed the course step by step. I used each element and quickly saw that it really was as flexible and easy as as the Skillshare instructor made it out to be!

play with elementorPlaying With the Elements

As I built my website design business, I leaned on this plugin exclusively. After several months of creating websites with the free Elementor plugin, I decided it was time to up my game.

Upgrading to Elementor Pro

I purchased the full version of the plugin, called Elementor Pro. It was well worth the money because it only improved on all the amazing features already available in the free plugin.
I have an unlimited license for an entire year so I can use it on all of my websites for as long as I want to.

I’ve never been happier with a plugin! Elementor Pro boasts all the customizations that the free Elementor plugin did, but even more. Not only that, they introduce new features and improve on existing ones constantly!

Always Improving

In their most recent software update, Elementor Pro rolled out amazing scrolling effects and even mouse effects. Need something to follow you all over the page as you scroll? You can do that now! Want have a headline appear to fade in to the distance as your website visitor scrolls? You can do that too!

imagine your site

The free Elementor plugin offered simple animations of headlines sliding in and buttons pulsing or “growing” when a user hovers over them. The pro version allows you to place an object anywhere on the page you want it!

Best of Both Worlds

Remember the old WYSIWYG? Elementor Pro is that and so much more. It’s not only what you see is what you get; it’s what you wouldn’t even imagine you can now have! You are limited only to your imagination.

So if you want to build a website, without hiring me or someone else to do it, you can. No hard feelings! Try out the free Elementor Page Builder plugin for a while and see the way it works. Once you find you love it (you will), spend a little money and upgrade!

Hindsight is 20/20

Believe me, once I saw what Elementor Pro was capable of, I wished I had purchased it when I first started my business! Oh and for those of you that do like to code, you can also add custom code to all of your pages if you like!

In conclusion, a sitebuilder is a great way to design and build a beautiful website in no time, with no special coding skills. I recommend you download the free Elementor plugin for WordPress, play around with it a bit and then go all out and get the Pro version.

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