What is a Web Hosting Provider

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The Right Space For Your Site

Necessary Tools for Website Owner

So let’s say you want a website but you’re not ready to have someone else do it for you. You want to try this yourself. You decide to google everything you need to know.  I’m guessing that with everything else you have to do, you don’t want to have to spend countless hours reading through a ton of material to figure this out. After all, you have a business to run. I get it.  That’s exactly why I wanted to write this post.

As you’re googling the how to articles, you quickly realize that no matter what you want for a web site, you will need a web hosting provider. So what exactly is it and why do you need one? 

A Simple Analogy to Explain

Techies would probably cringe reading this, but that’s ok. This is for you. If you need someone to break all this down very succinctly for you, you’re in the right place. Simply and succinctly is how I do things- usually. 

So here it is in very simple terms. Let’s use a metaphor, shall we? A web hosting provider is a high rise or sky scraper. In this structure are  multiple, floors and of course several rooms. There are suites, conference rooms, a gym and of course apartments. Everything you could need to live and/or work is in this structure. Are you with me so far?

For the purposes of this article, that space you’re renting/leasing is your website. Your website “lives” in this huge building. Without the building, (web hosting provider), you have no space of your own. Where would you keep your furniture, appliances, decorate, work or sleep? The building enables you do what you need to do. You may see clients, have social visits and host gatherings as you like. Sure, there are policies and rules about living or working there. Those terms are outlined in your agreement. Once you sign, you’re all set. You can feel secure that- for the term of that agreement -you can’t lose that space. It’s yours. And so it is with a website. If you want to have a website for all to see, you need a place for it to “live.” You need to lease a space  for a set amount of time. Without one, the only place your site can “live” is on your computer!

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider and Plan

You have questions. Just as you had to think about a few things before you rent an office or apartment, the same is true here.

Before you signed the lease for the space in the building you had to think about:

  • Do you need a suite, a small room, or will you need to lease an entire floor?
  • How much do you have to spend?
  • What is the best deal for the space you need?
  • How well is that building managed and maintained?

The same is true for choosing a web hosting provider.

What type of plan or agreement makes sense for you? How much does it cost? What does and doesn’t it allow me to do? Is the server well maintained? Which web hosting provider has the best reputation? Should I read reviews or go with someone I know to help me determine?

Excellent and important questions.

Your answers to those questions will help you determine where to look for the space you need. It is important you choose wisely. For now, the aim of this post is to explain in the simplest of terms what a web hosting provider is and why you need one.

In conclusion, a web hosting provider is where you beautiful new website may “live” for the term of the lease you sign. The liberties and limits are spelled out in the agreement. It is important to rent a space according to what you need for space, accessibility and to be sure the “building” (server the web hosting provider uses) is well maintained.

(Photo by Iker Urteaga on Unsplash)
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